STUDENTINTERNET(123) – How to log off a device from the internet manually – wired and open Wi-Fi

Logging off a device manually is only possible with a wired connection and open open Wi-Fi STUDENTENINTERNET(123)
123 refers to the first three digits of your activation code or username

Logging off occurs immediately and without delay in this case:

  • Logging off your own device:
    Surf to and click on “log off”
    This only logs off your current device
  • Logging off your sessions from a random device (e.g. from home).
    Surf to My Dashboard
    Click on the red cross next to logged in
    – An overview of the locations on which you are logged in appears. By clicking on confirm all your open sessions via the wired connection or the open Wi-Fi STUDENTENINTERNET(123) will be logged off immediately.