My Dashboard: basic data limit and checking usage, ordering extra data, changing your password, verifying available sessions, logging off from a hotspot

You can find information about your subscription in My Dashboard:
All our websites, including My Dashboard, are always available free of charge without first having to log on to the internet.

Log on to My Dashboard with your username and password
If you do not yet have a username and password, register first on

From My Dashboard you can:

  • Consult your monthly basic data limit and remaining data.
    Your available monthly data is reset on the first day of each new month.
  • Order extra Data
    Services such as Youtube, Facebook, Netflix also use up a lot of data!
  • Consult the maximum amount of simultaneous devices/sessions that you can logon
  • Log off hotspot internet devices/sessions
    Logging off from secured Wi-Fi sessions (EAP) manually is not possible and will take place automatically.
  • Change your password or request a new password via email in certain cases