I use up a lot of data but don’t know how

The reason why you use up a lot of data without knowing why can have different causes:

Cause 1: watching TV online or video streaming

Services such as YouTube, Netflix and recently even Facebook are referred to here.

Watching video online uses up a lot of data without you noticing. Watching an hour’s Netflix in highest quality/definition can easily use up 3 to 7 GB!

Solution: You can easily reduce the required bandwidth by lowering the quality a bit without you noticing the difference.

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We almost all do it, but usually are not aware that these services are often illegal and can lead to all sorts of annoying problems.

If you have a very high upload (this is sending all sorts of data to the internet) usage, then you probably belong to this category. It is not only annoying as your internet connection appears to be much slower, it is also completely illegal and contrary to our terms and conditions!
Solution: Make sure that you do NOT use these services and avoid programs that continually send all kinds of data to the internet through faulty settings. These programs often offer the option not to upload anything. Read the manuals well of the programs you are using.

Solution: Make sure you are not using any of those services and avoid software which uploads a lot of data to the internet with default settings. Often such software offer the option to disable uploading. Refer to the manual of those applications.

Cause 3: your own Wi-Fi router

This can also unwittingly use up all your data by wrong configuration. As we do not have access or visibility on what’s happening with your personal network equipment, the use of this personal network equipment is not supported by our service-desk and the sole personal responsibility.

Solution: Immediately remove your own (Wi-Fi) router and enquire about a general supported Wi-Fi installation to your landlord.